"How can I contribute?"

That's a good question to ask, in more ways than one. Non-financially, you could promote my site by sharing it with your friends. You could also write posts for me. I'll host them for you under your name and handle the backend, in return for quality content and free promotion. Also, feel free to review my stuff using the comments section.

Financially, the simplest way would be to directly donate. One way I'd prefer that you're likely to have is through UPI, for which you can scan this QR code.

Internationally, I've got PayPal at Better than nothing, but I'd still recommend the UPI method over it, or cryptocurrencies if you use them. For some supported cryptocurrencies, you can use this button (or this link if that doesn't load):

Will replace it for a neater code sometime

The list is by no means exhaustive - use the contact form to send a coin (or via a network) not on that list, and we should be able to make it happen. For example, if you prefer using BNB over Smart Chain, you may tip it to 0x2d55a65F057fCac94B2F979c235Aa0401186FA09. Similarly, this site is verified with Brave, so if you use that as your browser you can set up a monthly or one-time tip.

Alternatively, head on to and use the provided links for investing in cryptocurrencies - the providers (that I've vetted for quality) would pay me commission at no additional cost to you.